A Caring Touch Home Care’s Caregiver of the Month March 2024!

March Caregiver of the Month

Jimmy’s experience, dedication, and commitment to excellence shine brightly. He consistently demonstrates reliability, dependability, and genuine care for his clients. His unwavering commitment to being punctual, working diligently, and always doing the right thing is truly commendable. His hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed, and we are proud to have him as a […]

A Caring Touch Home Care Celebrates Excellence

A Caring Touch Home Care Celebrates Excellence: Jackie

We are thrilled to recognize Jackie for her outstanding contributions to our team, especially in her recent efforts in instructing our Spanish-speaking caregivers on how to use a Hoyer lift. Jackie’s dedication to inclusivity and her initiative in leading the Spanish orientation showcases not only her commitment to ensuring all team members have the necessary […]

Four Ways to Create a Safe and Comfortable Home Environment for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Home Care: Safe Home Environment in Del Mar Heights, CA

Creating a safe and comfortable home environment is crucial for individuals living with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is often characterized by memory loss, cognitive decline, and behavioral changes, and presents unique challenges in daily life. As the disease progresses, the need for a supportive and adapted living space becomes increasingly important to ensure the well-being and safety […]

A Caring Touch Home Care Walks & Talks with Industry Recruiting Professionals!

A Caring Touch Home Care joins Nonprofit Net Walks

The Team at A Caring Touch Home Care joined up with local industry professionals and Nonprofit Net Walks, a community service of High Five Career Coach and got some exercise out in the fresh ocean air with loads of Sunshine! We walked and talked about recruitment, retention, and best practices. We had lots of fun collaborating and […]

How Volunteering Can Help Seniors

Companion Care at Home: Active Aging in Bonita, CA

One way that seniors can avoid loneliness and social isolation when they’re living at home is to have companion care at home. Companion care at home means that seniors will have regular visits from a trusted friend they can talk to, do activities with, and share meals with. A companion can also help seniors find […]

Symptoms of MS in Seniors

Senior Home Care: Symptoms of MS in Bonita, CA

March is National Multiple Sclerosis Education & Awareness Month and it’s a fantastic time for seniors and their families to learn more about how Multiple Sclerosis impacts seniors. Multiple Sclerosis affects nearly 4% of seniors. Typically, MS is diagnosed in people who are between 20-40. But Late Onset Multiple Sclerosis or LOMS can be diagnosed […]

Tips for Older Adults Living with Lewy Body Dementia

In-Home Care: Lewy Body Dementia in Del Mar, CA

Lewy body dementia, or LBD, is a disease caused by abnormal alpha-synuclein protein deposits in the brain. These deposits are also called Lewy bodies and affect the chemicals in the brain, causing problems with mobility, thinking, mood, and behavior. If a loved one is diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, coping can be challenging. Ensuring support […]

A Heartfelt Note

A Caring Touch Home Care: A Heartfelt Note

A client’s handwritten note stands as one of the sincerest expressions of gratitude.  The meaningful act of a client taking the time to express thanks warms our hearts, affirming the importance of prioritizing client care, which is so very important to all of us at A Caring Touch Home Care. We are so happy for the […]

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