Personal Care Services in San Diego

A Caring Touch Home Care is locally owned and operated. We are an independent home care agency, not a franchise. Our senior advisory team has over 92 years of collective experience. We have proudly served San Diego since 2014.

As we age, we often need assistance with daily living tasks, and finding trustworthy caregivers who can help us maintain our independence becomes a top priority. 

San Diego is home to A Caring Touch Home Care agency, that specializes in providing personalized care to seniors. These caregivers offer a range of services that cater to each individual’s unique needs, from non-medical personal care to companion care.

It’s essential for seniors to maintain their quality of life. Families across San Diego County, trust A Caring Touch in-home caregivers for senior personal care because of their personalized approach. They understand that each individual has unique needs, and they work to create a customized care plan that fits those needs.

Personal Senior Care Services

Caregivers from A Caring Touch Home Care are fully trained, screened, and dependable, providing sensitive, confidential care in a way that respects the client’s dignity and well-being. They offer companionship and emotional support that adds joy and longevity to a loved one’s life.

With their assistance, older adults are able to live independently for as long as possible, while families are given the opportunity to take time out from caregiving responsibilities and leave their loved one in the hands of a trusted caregiver.

We offer free in-home assessments to determine if our services are right for the client, and work as an integral part of the overall care team, providing extra practical help and emotional presence to supplement the work of the care team.

Personal Care at Home Includes:

  • Bathing and Showering
  • Sponge Baths and Bed Baths
  • Undressing and Dressing
  • Good Hygiene
  • Grooming
  • Standing by for Safety
  • Cleaning Hearing Aids
  • Incontinence Care and Toileting
  • Re-positioning in Bed or Chair
  • Mobility and Ambulating
  • Assist in Climbing Stairs
  • Light Stretching and Exercising
  • Range of Motion
  • Transferring in and out of bed

Benefits of 24-Hour Care- Quality of Life

Receiving 24-hour in-home senior care can provide peace of mind for family members, respite care, and assistance with daily tasks for the individual in need. This type of caregiving is ideal for loved ones with advanced dementia or those recovering from a stroke or other debilitating condition.

A Caring Touch Home Care in San Diego offers affordable 24-hour home care services, with highly trained and trustworthy professional caregivers available to provide tailored care options based on individual needs.

A Caring Touch Home Care is strongly committed to providing affordable and high-quality care services to every family.

Seniors trust A Caring Touch Home Care for Personal Home Care in San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar / Del Mar Heights, Bonita, East Lake, La Jolla, Torrey Pines, Mt. Helix/ La Mesa, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Carmel Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, Point Loma, Rancho Santa Fe, Valley Center/Escondido, Rancho San Diego, Tierrasanta, Poway/Rancho Bernardo, Chula Vista and surrounding areas.

Personal Care at Home in San Diego, CA by A Caring Touch Home Care

Customized Home Care Plan

 The customized care plan offered by A Caring Touch is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. This means that every client receives a personalized plan that takes into account their unique situation and preferences.

The care plan considers factors such as the client’s health conditions, mobility and cognitive abilities, and lifestyle choices. Caregivers work closely with the client and their family to develop a plan that meets their needs and promotes their independence and well-being.

The customized care plan may include a range of services, such as assistance with bathing, grooming, and dressing, medication reminders, meal planning and preparation, transportation to appointments, and companionship. Caregivers may also provide support with household tasks such as laundry, light housekeeping, and grocery shopping.

The goal of the customized care plan is to ensure that each client receives the support and care they need to live safely and comfortably in their own home. By providing personalized care, these caregiving agencies offer peace of mind to families and loved ones who want the best for their senior family members.

Our caregivers are here to help 24/7. Our service options are flexible and customizable, read more.

Full Spectrum of Home Care Assistance

 A Caring Touch offers a full spectrum of support for clients and their families. This includes services such as respite care, transportation, and assistance with daily living tasks. The goal of in-home care services is to provide comprehensive care for seniors so that they can maintain their independence and quality of life for as long as possible.

In addition to personal care services, A Caring Touch also provides emotional and social support. This includes companionship, help with social events, and even spiritual care. The caregivers become an integral part of the client’s life and often form lasting relationships with them and their families.

By offering a full spectrum of support, our caregiving agency aims to improve the overall well-being of their clients and their families.

Personal Care at Home in San Diego, CA by A Caring Touch Home Care

Experienced & Trained Senior Caregivers

Experienced and trained caregivers from A Caring Touch Home Care in San Diego,  provide personalized care that meets the unique needs of each client. With over 92 years of combined expertise and a full spectrum of support for clients and their families, our caregivers are dedicated to providing compassionate care that keeps seniors safe, comfortable, and happy.

Caregivers are carefully screened, trained, and supervised to ensure that seniors receive the highest level of care possible. They’re knowledgeable about the physical and emotional needs of seniors and are skilled at providing assistance with a range of personal care tasks, including grooming, hygiene, bathing, showering, walking, mobility, and exercises.

With a focus on promoting independence and quality of life, caregivers work closely with each client to develop a personalized care plan that meets their unique needs and preferences. By providing reliable, compassionate care, these experienced and trained caregivers help seniors maintain their dignity and independence while giving their loved ones peace of mind.

Locally-Owned and Operated

The locally-owned and operated agency provides exceptional support to seniors in the San Diego area. Being a San Diego County non-medical in-home care agency, A Caring Touch Home Care understands the importance of providing personalized senior care to their clients.

Their approach to caregiving is holistic, taking into account each individual’s unique needs and preferences. One of the benefits of choosing a locally-owned care agency is that clients can expect a higher level of accountability and dedication.

The owners of A Caring Touch Home Care are actively involved in the day-to-day operations and ensure that their team of caregivers is providing the best possible care to their clients. With a personalized senior care approach, clients can rest assured that their loved ones are receiving the utmost attention and care from a team that truly cares.

Our free in-home consultation allows us to assess your unique needs, so we can match you to the ideal caregiver.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Care Services

 The cost of home care services provided by A Caring Touch varies depending on the specific services needed and the duration of care required. We offer a free in-home assessment to determine the client’s needs and provide a personalized cost estimate.

A Caring Touch offers a variety of services tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, including personal care, companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, and more.

While the cost of these services may vary, we are passionate about helping older adults live in their own homes as they age and provide sensitive, confidential care in a way that respects the client’s dignity and well-being.

We offer specialized care services for seniors with specific medical conditions or disabilities.

For example, we provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care services, including assistance with challenging dementia behaviors. We also in-home personal care services that include assistance with diet monitoring and medication reminders. Plus, we provide assistance with grooming, hygiene, and bathing, as well as transportation to doctor appointments and respite care for family.

Our caregivers understand the difficulties that seniors and their families face when it comes to daily tasks and activities, and they strive to provide tailored care plans that meet each client’s unique needs.

The safety of clients is a top priority for A Caring Touch. To ensure their well-being, our caregivers follow strict safety protocols. They conduct home safety assessments, provide assistance with mobility and transferring, and offer supervision during daily living activities.

We also provide personalized care services tailored to the individual needs of each client, taking into account their medical conditions and disabilities. Caregivers are fully screened, trained, and dependable, providing sensitive and confidential care that respects the client’s dignity and well-being.

In addition, we offer respite care for family members and are available for a complimentary assessment of needs to ensure that their services are right for the client.

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