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Guilty Pleasures That Are Actually Good for Seniors

Discover why indulging in guilty pleasures can be beneficial for seniors, promoting motivation and supporting healthy habits with the help of personal care at home.
Personal care at home caregivers offer support, safety, and care for aging seniors.

Your loved one may think that guilty pleasures are bad, but they can actually be healthy for someone. Just because something is a guilty pleasure does not mean a senior has to give it up to thrive while aging in place. Personal care at home may actually help a senior and encourage them to give into these pleasures every once in a while because it can be a good way to keep motivation for healthy habits a senior has developed.

Here are a few guilty pleasures and why they can actually be good for your elderly mom or dad.


Eating Your Favorite Snack After Dinner

Most people believe that once you’ve had dinner, you shouldn’t eat anything else. However, for a senior, it may not be so bad to have that extra snack, especially if they are trying to gain or maintain weight. They will need to hit a certain caloric number to stay healthy, and this after-dinner snack may help them reach those goals. On top of everything else, it can boost their overall mood! Let your senior mom or dad indulge once in a while.


Having Breakfast for Dinner

If your senior mom or dad needs help preparing meals throughout the week, this is a task that personal care at home can absolutely help with. However, that doesn’t mean your loved one can’t have fun with their meals.

If your mom or dad loves breakfast, ask personal care at home providers to make a night where they have breakfast for dinner. This seems like a guilty pleasure, but depending on what is made, it can actually be really healthy for your elderly parent. Eggs are low-calorie and high-protein, making them a great meal for any time of the day for a senior.


Taking a Long Bath

Seniors may not like showering all the time, or they may need more help. But if your elderly mom wants to take a long bath with the help of personal care at home services, they absolutely should! This not only will help them stay clean and smell good, but it will also help them relax. They deserve time where they can soak in a hot tub and unwind from daily stress. This should not be considered a guilty pleasure, but for most seniors, it can be.

Personal care at home caregivers can help keep your loved one safe while they enjoy this activity.


Reading a Book

Sometimes seniors think that reading too much is a guilty pleasure and they should be focused on other activities to keep their homes running. The truth is if they need a day to sit down, relax, and read, they absolutely should! In fact, it is a great way to relieve stress and keep their minds busy. It is a wonderful way for seniors to stay mentally engaged, and some personal care at home assistants will encourage this habit and even say it is healthy!


Watch a Little TV

It is true that seniors’ screen time should be limited, but if they have a favorite show, they should absolutely watch it! As seniors, it is okay to immerse yourself in a different experience, especially when you can’t move around as much as you used to.



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