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In-Home Care: Lewy Body Dementia in Del Mar, CA

Tips for Older Adults Living with Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy body dementia, or LBD, is a disease caused by abnormal alpha-synuclein protein deposits in the brain. These deposits are also called Lewy bodies and affect the chemicals in the

A Caring Touch Home Care: A Heartfelt Note

A Heartfelt Note

A client’s handwritten note stands as one of the sincerest expressions of gratitude.  The meaningful act of a client taking the time to express thanks warms our hearts, affirming the importance

Home Care: Senior Habits in Del Mar Heights, CA

Healthy Habits for Seniors to Consider

Habits are behaviors or actions that are regularly repeated and have become automatic or ingrained over time. They can be both positive, such as exercising daily or eating healthily, or

A Caring Touch Home Care: Celebrate the Holiday Season

Celebrating the Holidays With Our Staff!

A Caring Touch Home Care took some time to Celebrate the Holiday Season and our amazingly dedicated team and guests. A delicious Christmas feast was enjoyed by all. It was

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