What our clients say about us:


I really like this home care. I love the way they take care of my mother. You can feel the hospitality, the harmony, and the good service. I really appreciate and recommend this Home Care!!❤️🙏

Lilia Antonieta Estrada


I like A Caring Touch Agency because the caregivers are professional and they take good care of me. They are good drivers when I go for appointments. Several have become really good friends and are a part of my family. That is my testimony.

Martha E.


I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the help of your caregivers during the illness of my husband, George Ramstead. It was very comforting to have support, especially at night. Thank you again, from the family of George B. Ramstead.

Joan R.


The best place! They took care of my grandma as if she was their own extremely grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Lilia Landeros


Caring Touch says it all. You really care for your clients. Every caregiver you sent has been well trained, hard working, kind to the clients. They are always most kind, willing to help me any way. I am pleased I found your Company. I feel blessed…

Gwen A.


We appreciate the extensive work they perform as a company, but most of all as excellent human beings, their services go beyond a business. You feel the warmth with which they do their job. Thank you.



The work they do is extremely professional without neglecting the human part, their way of helping us is dedicated, always with a smile and fully trained. I am very happy with your services, thank you so much.



I am totally grateful to this company, their treatment is always very warm and humane, a lot of passivity I must accept, but they are fully prepared for all circumstances. Happy to be with them.


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