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When we’re young, we don’t think about getting dressed as a stressful or difficult task. We button our shirts, zip up our pants, tie our shoes, and are on our way for the day. But for many seniors, getting dressed each morning can present an array of obstacles that create stress and sometimes even injury. By not having the dexterity and mobility that they used to, many elderly seniors find that zippers, buttons, and shoelaces present obstacles that are hard to overcome.

There are two main options that you can choose from when determining how to help your elderly loved one get ready in the morning (and then disrobe at night) – providing a little hands-on help from someone like a home care assistance provider, or purchasing clothes that are made to be easily put on and taken off. For many, it’s a combination of the two solutions. While having a home care assistance provider or family member is a great solution, your loved one may find there are times when she is alone and doesn’t have a home care assistance provider to help. It’s during those times that adaptive clothing will suit her best, helping her maintain her independence of getting dressed herself without risking an injury.

When looking at clothing solutions, some clothes are designed with ease in mind, so filling your loved one’s closet with those types of options may be best for her. Let’s look at just a few.


Elastic-waist pants will help your loved one not only get dressed in the morning but make bathroom visits and end-of-the-day disrobing much easier too. Pants often have two factors that make getting dressed more difficult – a zipper and a button. Hands that cannot grip will struggle to pull the zipper up as well as slide the button through the buttonhole. Even snaps can be difficult if your loved one has arthritis.


While a button-down top can look sharp, buttoning and then unbuttoning all of those buttons can be an insurmountable task for many elderly individuals. Tucking it into the pants can also prove to be challenging if mobility is limited. Instead, look for pullover shirts when possible or even shirts that have magnetic fasteners.

Another area to consider with tops is the opening for the arms and head. Tight openings or tightly fit sleeves can make putting on a top feel like an athletic event. Find loose-fitting tops to make it simpler for your loved one.


The easier route to go is slip-on shoes, especially if your loved one struggles with bending over due to vertigo or immobility. Velcro straps can also be helpful on sneakers that still need a secure fit when your loved one cannot manage laces anymore.

Finally, if there are pieces of clothing that have difficult closures but your loved one still wants to wear them, consider purchasing adaptive devices that will help her pull up a zipper or pull a button through a hole by herself. They can easily be found online.

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